Keep the Lights On …For Less

Our “Lights On Program” the easiest way to put your indoor and outdoor lighting maintenance on auto-pilot. Lights On can also help your company shave a little off the maintenance budget.

Does Your Lighting Maintenance Leave You…


Frustrated with having to call when lights are out and then wait for someone to fix them?


Irritated with vague lighting repair bills that don’t reveal how much time was actually spent on the job and what was done?


Worried about your security because the exterior lights are not always working?


Anxious to have one light fixed because it may cost a fortune?

Lights On Makes Lighting Maintenance Easy

Our Lights On Program puts your lighting maintenance on autopilot so you don’t even have to think about it. If you want the most reliable lighting maintenance service at the lowest possible cost then Lights On is for you:

Lights On is:

  • Inexpensive: Our systems are lean and so we are able to keep your lighting working properly for much less than you think.

  • Automated: With your lighting maintenance on autopilot, problems get fixed without a single phone call, often before you even notice them.

  • Save Time: By using Luminaire’s Lights On service your in-house maintenance staff can be used for other tasks
  • Save Space: Because Luminaire stocks an extensive supply of lighting products, the customer does not have to worry about buying the wrong parts or holding on to a surplus of parts.
  • No Surprises: Our fixed pricing lets you know what repairs will cost before you get the bill.
  • No Contract: We are so sure you will benefit from our Lights On Program that we don’t even make you sign a contract. If you are ever unhappy at any time just stop paying us and we’ll stop showing up!

Lights On – How is it Possible

Some people wonder how we are able to offer such a high level of service at such a low cost and without any down payment or contract.

Believe it or not, our one-of-a-kind system is proprietary so we don’t publish it on our website. You will need to speak with one of our Certified Lighting Management Consultants for more information about our Lights On Program.

automate your lighting maintenance for less!